Corporate, Transactions and Insurance Regulatory


Representative Matters

Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP has long represented its clients in all lines of insurance and reinsurance on litigation matters. Our newly formed regulatory team has substantial experience providing counsel and advice to clients on a range of corporate transactional and insurance regulatory matters.  With more than 25 years in the industry, we have extensive experience helping insurance clients in all aspects of their daily needs.

Our Experience

Butler Rubin and its attorneys have been named among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News Media Group and Best Lawyers both nationwide and in metropolitan Chicago.  As the U.S. News/Best Lawyers rankings reflect, Butler Rubin lawyers understand the inner workings of the insurance industry and the regulatory constraints under which insurers operate.

Our Lawyers

Butler Rubin attorneys provide corporate transactional and insurance regulatory support in sales and purchases of:

  • Insurers and insurance-holding companies
  • Books of insurance business through renewal rights and reinsurance transactions

We also provide insurance regulatory counseling to insurers and insurance holding companies. With substantial in-house and private practice experience, we understand how to partner with you to tackle your regulatory issues and transactions effectively.  We have experience in the following areas in addition to sales and purchases of businesses:

  • Incorporating and licensing insurance holding companies and entities
  • Reviewing and drafting various insurance policies and forms
  • Advising on demutualizations and subscription rights conversions
  • Advising on unclaimed property audits, dividend strategies and rules
  • Advising on holding company structures, corporate governance and ORSA
  • Assisting in the Form A process
  • Drafting and filing Forms B, C, D, E and F with various regulatory bodies
  • Negotiating effective third party agreements with reinsurers and other vendors, including IT vendors
  • Obtaining approvals of holding company restructurings
  • Drafting disclosures for statutory and GAAP financials
  • Negotiating and drafting reinsurance agreements, including overseas, and surplus relief transactions
  • Preparing a company to go public, including mutuals (plan of conversion, SRC, etc.)
  • Conducting internal investigations and responding to inquiries from state and federal regulators
  • Drafting and advising on affiliated transactions, including cost allocation and cost sharing agreements (domestic and Bermuda and London)
  • Overseeing and supporting financial examinations and market conduct examinations
  • Drafting legislation to address issues affecting insurance clients
  • Advising CFO and Treasurer functions on investment compliance, investments and compliance with investment codes
  • Providing advice and analysis on HIPAA, OFAC, FCPA, CAN-SPAM, DNC, TCPA, and other related laws

Our Approach

Butler Rubin leverages its experience and knowledge of the insurance industry to find solutions and practical approaches for clients without expensive, protracted dealings with regulators and without creating adverse precedents and interactions that may negatively affect its clients’ business.  The firm proactively meets with clients to map out regulatory and transactional strategies early on in the engagement.  The firm is interested in building long-term, trusted advisor relationships with its clients in the insurance industry and regularly issue-spots on trends in the industry and serves as a sounding board for its clients.