Environmental Law


Representative Matters

Butler Rubin is experienced in virtually all areas of environmental law. We represent manufacturing and distribution companies, real estate and construction ventures, and waste disposal and recycling enterprises.

Enforcement Litigation: The firm represents clients in civil and administrative enforcement actions brought by private parties and government agencies, including:

  • Defending actions brought under the federal Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, CERCLA, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, as well as corresponding state legislation.
  • Defending Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Section 31 notices alleging violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.
  • Defending litigation brought by governmental agencies to compel remedial and removal actions.
  • Prosecuting and defending private cost recovery actions under CERCLA and related state laws.
  • Negotiating on behalf of potentially responsible parties (PRPs) for the voluntary clean-up of sites listed on the National Priorities List or analogous state lists and advising clients in regard to participation in the Illinois Voluntary Cleanup Program.
  • Defending white collar criminal proceedings arising out of environmental matters.

Permitting, Siting, Rulemaking, Variance Proceedings: Butler Rubin represents clients before the federal Environmental Protection Agency, Illinois Pollution Control Board, and local environmental agencies on a wide range of matters including:

  • Representing clients in siting and zoning hearings regarding the approval of various types of regional pollution control facilities, including landfills and transfer stations.
  • Pursuing solid, special, liquid waste, and air emission permit applications and appeals, both with respect to new sites and the closure of existing facilities.
  • Prosecuting variances from existing air, water, and noise regulations.
  • Participating with clients, industry organizations, and governmental entities in developing environmental regulations.

Transactions: Our experience in the area of environmental law also enables the firm to advise clients who are involved in real estate and corporate transactions, which are affected with increasing regularity by complex environmental issues.

Compliance: The firm assists clients in day-to-day compliance with the myriad environmental regulations affecting their businesses and operations.