Products Liability


Representative Matters

For more than 35 years, Butler Rubin’s Products Liability team has represented clients in products liability cases in jurisdictions across the country.  From early case assessment through trial to verdict, we have defended manufacturers and distributors in cases involving latent and catastrophic injuries, mass recalls and other complex issues.  We also advise clients on litigation avoidance and potential products liability exposure under current common law, statutory and regulatory schemes.

We have litigated products liability disputes involving:

  • Asbestos
  • Automotive products
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial machinery
  • Silica
  • Tires
  • Tobacco

Since the early 1980s, Butler Rubin has handled products liability cases for large public corporations, small companies facing catastrophic liabilities and many companies in between.  We have:

  • Served as national coordinating counsel for manufacturers in mass tort cases, overseeing litigation, managing local counsel performance and assisting in the defense and resolution of the underlying bodily injury suits throughout the United States;
  • Served as national counsel for a public holding company that acquired subsidiaries facing over 20,000 asbestos cases nationwide;
  • Represented manufacturing and premises clients in asbestos and silica litigation in courts throughout the nation, including instituting programs to reduce costs and future litigation;
  • Represented a major tobacco products manufacturer and its affiliates in Cook County litigation over the health hazards and addictive nature of tobacco, including in individual smoker, class action, and health care reimbursement claims;
  • Tried Illinois asbestos cases for a major manufacturer defendant;
  • Negotiated mass asbestos settlements, as well as scores of individual settlements;
  • Coordinated product testing; and
  • Developed and implemented management strategies for handling asbestos liabilities.

Our team also provides clients with:

  • Insurance claim management and litigation experience – including asserting the rights of formerly related companies under common insurance policies;
  • Management-level case/litigation oversight – including advising on resource allocation issues, settlement decisions, outside counsel coordination and data management for large case litigation; and
  • Coordination with outside consultants – including as to insurance coverage, economic analysis and environmental investigation.